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    Pastitaly, the first totally automatic
    rapid fire pasta cooker machine, for
    easy pasta dishes and pasta sauces.

    Nov 21 2012
    vending machine italian pasta

    Vending Configuration

    In the vending configuration, Pastitaly is matched with a vending machine which manages the whole programming and control. The dispenser can run from 1 to 10 machines. By the favourite payment, card or cash, it is possible to select the menu, which is identified with a number. Pastitaly menu includes the pasta dish that can be drawn from the machine, the sauce and the cutlery kit, distributed by the vending machine. The cutlery kit can be structured as you please, from the standard kit with fork, spoon and serviette, to the complete kit with freeze-dried parmesan, oil, salt and pepper, in a single-dose. During the selection of the menu, the dispenser delivers a receipt where you can find the order number matched with the selected pasta dish and the number of the machine which supplies it. Pastitaly display will show the flashing number of the ready dish that will match with the one on our receipt. If the system does not draw the product that we chose, the vending machine will issue a receipt which indicates what was not drawn so you can address to the manager.

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